We kindly invite girls and women to join our lessons of belly dance!

Lessons for beginners:

1. On Mondays and Wednesdays 18.30 h. – 19.30 h.

2. On Mondays and Wednesdays 20.30 h.– 21,30 h.

3. On Saturdays – 13 h. – 14,30 h. weekly lesson for beginners.

Also there are groups for advanced dancers if you have some experience.

Adress – Konstitucijos pr. 25, Vilnius.

Please contact me by phone +370 670 76074 or email pilvosokis@inbox.lt


One lesson – 7 EUR; (On Saturday – 8 EUR)

4 times month‘s subscription – 25 EUR;

8 times month‘s subscription – 38 EUR;

12 times month‘s subscription – 48 EUR;

Unlimited month‘s subscription – 55 EUR;

Beginners groups on Saturdays – 27 EUR;

Private lesson – 24 EUR in our place, 15 EUR – in your place

Belly dance is a great way to:

- to be involved in joyfull and useful physical activity;

- to develop flexibility, plasticity, grace of your body;

- to improve the posture;

- to get unique advantage for your health as in belly dance we move muscles that are not involved in other kinds of sports or dances – especially in important parts of female body;

- to have a good happy time, to forget your daily worries, get rid of stress, to find new great friends (it is happening all the time);

- and of course to learn this wonderful dance which later you can show for your beloved One or even to take part in contest (if you want that and are working hard), or at least to dance cool in clubs or parties.